Drum set

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  • S.Umekawa / PBS
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  • 2009-08-19
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A drum set is a collection of various types of drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments that are lined up in a formation that makes them easily played by one person. The number and type of instruments included can be arranged according to the performer's preference or characteristics of the music. The performer usually plays seated on a stool. The idea for the drum set is said to have originated in military bands, when a cymbal was placed on top of the bass drum to make it easier for the performer holding it. This was followed by the idea to use a pedal to play the bass drum with the foot, and the invention of the hi-hat, two cymbals on top of each other that are clashed together. These adaptations have resulted in the drum set up and beat style we know today.

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PAPERCRAFT AT-AT – Free Download

Tokyo, Japan - If you’re a fan of the Star Wars series (or at least the first 3 films), and you’ve got an extra 41 hours on your hands, then have we got a project for you young jedi.This beautifully designed replica of an AT-AT was found in Japan by artist Shunichi Makino and is created entirely out of paper. It consists of 6 downloadable pdf files. Each is extremely detailed and scaled perfectly.
We’re throwing down the gauntlet with this one. Put your own together and send us a photo. We will post it with pride young padawan.

Download the pieces here:
snowwalker page assembly 1
snowwalker page assembly 2
snowwalker page assembly 3
snowwalker page assembly 4
snowwalker page assembly 5
snowwalker page assembly 6